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Thursday, 21 April 2016

OhhhLuLu Giselle Knickers - Pattern Hack

I love the Giselle by OhhhLuLu. They fit like a dream and you can make them in less than an hour. Basically, they're perfect.

I made a couple of pairs of Giselles a little while ago and have been meaning to make some more for ages. They're ridiculously comfortable, with just the right amount of coverage. And don't get me started on the ruching in the back, it really is just the icing on the cake. 

For my first pair I made a size L in black stretch mesh with lace overlays and burgundy elastic. The second iteration had deep green satin in the front and sheer stretch lace in the back. 

The third pair are something else entirely. I used black and lilac galloon lace for the front and back, making a feature of the scallop edges. The width of the lace was perfect too - just the right width to leave a little peek-a-boo V in the centre back. 

Aren't they just pure loveliness in knicker form?
I cut a medium this time round which helps the lace to hug the body in the absence of leg and and waist elastic. 

The pattern actually has the back cut in one piece but, because I wanted to preserve the scallops, I cut it in two pieces and seamed up the back. I added the ruching elastic to the centre back seam allowance to help keep the edges of that lovely, peek-a-boo V taut. 

I finished the back waist and front leg openings with fold over elastic which is really soft against he skin. The gusset is lined with black cotton jersey for even more comfort. 

I just squeezed this pair out of a scant yard of lace from seller rongwei5516 which I bought for just over a quid.  I have a pretty big stash of stretch galloon lace from them (how could I resist at that price?) so I think there will be few more pairs of these sexy-comfy pants in my very near future.

What do you think to these Giselles? Do you like my pattern hack? And have you ever used OhhhLulu patterns?

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  1. Your Giselle knickers are exquisite! I LOVE your pattern hack! These would be great to match to a lacy bra :D. I thought I had all of Sarah's patterns, but missed this one --- I'll be buying it pronto.

    1. Thank you so much Ginny :D I would definitely recommend the pattern, it's so versatile!

      I did actually make Madalynne's Sierra bra to match but it didn't go so well and now I'm all out of scraps which is a shame. Next time I'll buy more lace haha!